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Introduction to the controversy about Karmapas
A few historical points
1959 : Karmapa flees to India
Difficulties in 16th Karmapa's times
Years 1980 Through 1990
Events beginning 1992
Events during May and June 1992
Propaganda campaign
Orgyen Trinley, Situ Rinpoche's Karmapa
Events during November and December 1992 in Rumtek
Some information about Sikkim
Year 1993 - situation deteriorates in Rumtek
Recognizing the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje
Year 1994
Controversy: opposing viewpoints
Relationship between Shamar Rinpoche and Dalaï Lama
A quick glance at events from years 1995 to 1999
Year 2000
Year 2001
Chronology of Events
Bibliography and data sources
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Bibliography and data sources


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Many newspaper articles and other documents in this site have been found on numerous websites, and there is a partial list below. There is a great difference in quality among the various sites.

The Nalanfabodhi site, made by pro-Situ people, has become the official site for information about Urgyen Trinley. It is very well made, with a lot of activity, overflowing with daily-updated information.

On the other hand, pro-Shamar sites are technically weak; the Karmapa-issue website, dedicated to the controversy, provides but a few information, rarely updated.


pro-Shamar Rinpoche sites:

pro-Sitou Rinpoche sites:

A new-zealander site has made a very well documented summary about the events of the controversy:


Then, there are newspaper sites, most notably indian ones with many articles on the controversy:


A very good indian portal lists all indian newspapers websites: